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The Senses of Time by Lorraine Thiria

Working with matter, memory and time is an ongoing project by French photographer Lorraine Thiria : how to freeze time, how to catch an imprint, to seize the trace of what once was but no longer is, how to capture the matter of vanished walls or the emotional traces of a past that is sometimes forgotten and yet remains?

More recently, she has been working on a new series entitled « The Senses of Time », which continues her work on the relationship she maintains with matter (whether mural, vegetal, mineral, organic, etc.), with the determination to always remain in a form of abstraction. When memory and matter are called upon, it becomes obvious that working on the body is essential and takes sense ! This is how she came to imagine creating a body sculpture, textured and graphic, but in the absence of a visible body or one represented in the image. Remaining abstract was essential to her, while at the same time touching on sculpture.

The idea was to photograph a material that is neither sculptural in nature nor in essence, but which becomes so through the photographic eye ; the material thus captured up close reveals its lines, shapes, folds, hollows, shadows and light. Inspired by Junichiro Tanizaki's philosophy, so well depicted in "Eloge de l'ombre", she attempts to reveal shadow through photographs of drapery and lines, which become like sculptures, thanks to the brushed aluminum print support reflecting light and shadow on the material. As she experimented with the sculpting of matter by the photographic eye, the question of the body returned and once again imposed itself : attempting to capture a body through the image but with the aesthetic of a body without a body, a suggested body, a body that is missing from the photographic space. This is why she has attempted to fix an invisible body through the gaze, a body that has left an imprint, a shape, a shadow created by the fabric that has inhabited, covered and protected it. Lines and curves would be the only witnesses to the passage of this body that was and no longer is, that could almost be touched beneath the folds... So this series is an attempt to fix the memory of a body, to capture the remembrance of its movement, its emotional trace; it is also an invitation to reveal the shadow (in the sense of "darkness" and in the sense of "memories, traces"). Living with our shadows, or our part of them.

Lorraine Thiria started out as a lawyer before becoming a painter and then a photographer. She sees herself as an adventuress of the sensory world trying to translate and transcribe her emotions into photographic pictures, attempting to catch the language of walls, and to inhabit their colourful memories and whispers. Her photographs of wall material are inseparable from her pictorial work. Indeed, the pictorial filter always accompanies (and even precedes) her photographic gaze which never ceases to deconstruct reality in order to capture its abstraction. She was selected to participate to several photos festivals and exhibitions (Phot’Aix, France, « Abstraction attraction » Paris, France, « A singular vision », South Korea, Art Space of the GoEun Museum of Photography, "Mater Memoriae », Paris, French Festival of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia "Anti-spectacular: the colours of time passing by ». She will exhibit her new photographic series in New Delhi, India, next July 2024 in the famous Romain Rolland Gallery.

More details about KG+ Exhibition

Official website :

Instagram : macosmicgirl

Facebook : Lorraine Thiria

The artist will be present at the opening event on April 22 from 3 to 6 p.m (free admission). She will give an explanation of her work.

The artist herself will be in attendance on April 26 and 27 and by appointment. Please visit :


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