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Mandaracha is happy to announce another concert by Haruka, a truly gifted resident artist who plays at Mandaracha every week at our Live Music Lounge. Haruka has enchanted us with her koto, piano improvisations and soul stirring voice in her last concerts. This time she will be focusing on songs on the koto as she will include an absolutely mesmerizing modern koto piece, a beautiful cover song , and improvisation with voice in her repertoire.

“ We are here to create heaven on earth.” - Haruka

Please join us for this special Koto concert: Date: November 5th Time: 17:00 Concert with Tea and Dessert Price: JPY2,500 per person (tax inc)

Limited seats, reservation is recommended.

Call or message us for more information. Tel: 075-285-3283

【Haruka Bird Biography】

Starseed artist currently residing in Kyoto, Japan who expresses the subtle visions and stories which come from higher planes through music, singing, painting and dance. Haruka grew up in Tasmania and Melbourne in Australia, learning various instruments and moving to Tokyo to further her music studies. From around 2003 she starts to play the koto at venues in and around Tokyo in the improvisation/ experimental music scene actively collaborating with various artist from butoh dancers to visual artists. After studying intensively under the koto master Kazue Sawai for over ten years, in 2011 the artist tours Germany with a renowned Japanese butoh dancer. In 2012, Haruka starts meditation after a spiritual awakening and around the year 2015, the body and voice also become an expression of light. The artist has performed at international art festivals, music festivals and continues to widen her audience by sharing her art online in recent years. She also does channeled paintings and Aerial silk performances.

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